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Most Playoff Grand Slams in One Postseason

A list of most grand slams by the AL and NL in one playoff postseason:

1998 (5)

Tino Martinez, New York (AL) vs. San Diego, Game 1 WS.

Jim Thome, Cleveland at New York, Game 6 ALCS.

Andres Galarraga, Atlanta at San Diego, Game 4 NLCS.

Eddie Perez, Atlanta at Chicago, Game 3 NLDS.

Ryan Klesko, Atlanta vs. Chicago, Game 1 NLDS.

1999 (4)

Ricky Ledee, New York at Boston, Game 4 LCS.

Troy O'Leary, Boston at Cleveland, Game 5 LDS.

Jim Thome, Cleveland vs. Boston, Game 2 LDS.

Edgardo Alfonzo, New York at Arizona, Game 1 LDS.

2005 (4)

Paul Konerko, Chicago (AL) vs. Houston, Game 2 WS.

Lance Berkman, Houston vs. Atlanta, Game 4 LDS.

Adam LaRoche, Atlanta at Houston, Game 4 LDS.

Reggie Sanders, St. Louis vs. San Diego, Game 1 LDS

1996 (3)

Gary Gaetti, St. Louis vs. Atlanta, Game 2 LCS.

Albert Belle, Cleveland vs. Baltimore, Game 3 LDS.

Bobby Bonilla, Baltimore vs. Cleveland, Game 1 LDS.

2011 (3)

Robinson Cano, New York vs. Detroit, Game 1 LDS, 2011.

Ryan Roberts, Arizona vs. Milwaukee, Game 4 LDS, 2011.

Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona vs. Milwaukee, Game 3 LDS, 2011.

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